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These are just some of the demonstrations that Kinergetics Instructors / Practitioners can do. We love to demonstrate Kinergetics and Kinesiology!

  • - Tests 16 major muscles in the body - Fast Corrections.
  • - Some people say affirmations daily for years, yet when tested still have a stress on the affirmation, so they are constantly repeating something stressful which may be counter-productive. Kinergetics balances the stress on the affirmation in minutes.
  • - Tests the integration of different parts of the brain. Often brings people out of overload.
  • - Test Candida sensitivity and the muscles that will usually be out of balance.
  • - The structure of the body relies on the energy of the body. The energy of the body requires electrolyte minerals. These can be balanced energetically.
  • - Do you have a sensitivity to Mobile Phones, Magnets, Televisions etc? Learn a simple technique that supports the body against electromagnetics.
  • - This demo helps to prove acupuncture and Kinesiology. Switch off a muscle by tracing an acupuncture meridian backwards.
  • - The Kinergetics Hydration balance is the most important correction we do. It consistently balances over 90% of the major muscles of the body.
  • - Simple testing can find substances to which you have an energy sensitivity.
  • - Depending on the Test Kits that the Practitioner has, tests the energetic sensitivity to Bacteria, Viruses, Parasites, Protozoa, Fungi and Ricketsia.
  • - The most important mineral for the energy of the body. Most people are so deficient in magnesium that during Kinergetics balancing the emotional corrections burn up magnesium creating energetic imbalances. This can usually be corrected energetically.
  • - Most people have some degree of sensitivity to mercury, usually because the kidney energy is out of balance. If you have any hormonal problems you should test mercury in relation to your glands.
  • - These can have many causes: structural, allergies, hormonal, dehydration, stress, tmj (jaw). Kinergetics is one of the few systems that work on all of these.
  • - At one demonstration in Annapolis Maryland, Philip worked on 15 people in pain in one hour. Everyone had a dramatic reduction in pain.
  • - Clear the stresses that caused the subconscious to create the sabotage.
  • - Find the links of stresses that cause the reaction.
  • - See muscles stretch 20-40 degrees just with balancing the proprioceptors energetically.
  • - See how balancing the muscles around the jaw will usually correct 90% of the major muscles in the body.
  • - Is your vision affected by emotional or metaphysical causes.
  • - If you had a car accident 20 years ago you could still be suffering from whiplash. It can usually be balanced by energising the tight muscles.

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