Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between Kinergetics and Kinesiology?

Kinergetics is a modality of Kinesiology that encompasses the other modalities together, and brings them together in a very logical way.

After doing the course at the Kinesiology College, a lot of the Graduates were quite confused about how they could put everything we learnt in two years together, that was until they did Kinergetics.

They said that Kinergetics brought everything together for them in a much more logical way and gave them a platform to work from which they didn't have prior to doing Kinergetics.

I found learning other modalities of Kinesiology was much easier after doing Kinergetics, as it make everything else look much more simple.

You learn the absolute essentials of Kinesiology in Kinergetics, eg age recession, correcting with emotions, allergy testing, affirmations, etc and this gives you the basic tools of Kinesiology to learn any other forms of Kinesiology.

I have injured myself in an accident. How can Kinergetics help me?

The human body is like a house that is constantly being rebuilt to an energetic plan. If this plan becomes damaged in any way, the body cannot rebuild itself in a healthy manner. Our body is made of energy. Stress and Emotional issues can cause energy blocks in our body or energy fields.

This blocked energy causes damage to the plan allowing areas of weakness to form in the body. When extra pressure is placed on this weak area, an injury is more likely to occur.

Blocked energy may also manifest in the body as areas of "disease". Our aim is to strengthen the weak areas of the body by balancing the energy field, which may allow the body to repair itself.

I have an allergy. What can Kinergetics do for me?

The body stores all memory of everything we have ever done, seen or experienced. When dealing with allergies it has been found that there may have been a substance present at the time of you having a trauma or unpleasant experience. The body may then associate this substance with the memory of that trauma. When you come in contact with this substance the body will have an energetic reaction to the trauma that you first experienced. With Kinergetics we access this trauma and clear the energy associated with it so that the next time you are in contact with this substance your body may not react in any way to it. As an example, have you ever heard a song or smelt something that has bought back memories to you. The body is accessing memory associated with these sounds or smells.

It is in the same way that the body accesses memory associated with a substance. The body will react in an unpleasant manner if the original experience was unpleasant.

Will the correction hold? (Is it permanent?)

There are many instances of corrections lasting for 5 years or more. Stress, accidents and poor nutrition may cause corrections to be repeated.

How long does it take for allergies\sensitivities to go away when they have been corrected?

Some corrections may be assisted if clients keeping away from that substance for a period of time eg. one month.

Sometimes the results are immediate, especially if the emotions are found and corrected.

Kinergetics balancing has dramatically instantly improved many people suffering from heavy metal/anaesthetic or chemical sensitivity, because our Hydration balance helps open up the Kidneys for elimination.

What is that funny stuff you do with your mouth???

If we liken Kinergetics to accessing information from the client's computer (the brain), jaw stacking is used as a way of adding and storing new information. It looks weird, even the explanation is weird, but it works. It was developed by American chiropractor Alan Beardall.

Will my pain come back?

Every person is an individual. I believe Kinergetics accesses the CAUSE of most pain, therefore there is less chance of it returning. If it does return, it usually requires more balancing.

What do I do if I get sick or don't feel well after a balance?

The main reason would be dehydration. As stresses are released from muscles, organs and glands, toxins may also be released. Drinking extra water usually is all that is required.

Do the little things that you've told me to do, like holding my kidneys really make a difference?

Yes, one example was a lady medically diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue. Kinergetics testing showed a major reaction to a vial of homoeopathic mercury. I energised her Kidneys and kept checking for how long the body required energy. It took over 20 minutes. She has not had any symptoms of Chronic Fatigue since and as a bonus her chronic eczema cleared up.

Another client had major problems with mercury toxicity, which responded really well to kinergetics balancing. After about a year or so the mercury would slowly build up and she would start reacting again. I showed her and her husband how to energise her kidneys and the feedback was that it made a huge difference.

What do I need to know before I can learn this?

There are no prerequisites for Kinergetics.

Can anyone do this? Do I need to be a chiropractor or have extensive knowledge of anatomy?

Yes, anyone of average learning ability can learn Kinergetics. We have techniques that help with learning and also with overwhelm.

If 'Suppression' comes up in a balance and you don't know what it is yet still stack it in the circuit, won't this cause the suppression to be driven in deeper?

We believe that the Kinergetics corrections, even the basic Fast Fix, access and clear emotions that have been suppressed. One of the most common statements from clients is "I thought I had cleared that stress."

Will my Healing Energy stay switched on?

What we actually do is clear blocks and healingy then naturally flows. Dehydration, drugs or illness may temporarily affect the healing energy, but it should return to normal afterwards.

What do you do if the person doesn't like or want you to tap across their Corpus Callossum?

Don't do it. Respect the client's wishes.

We have found that in some instances nothing will show and then tapping along the Corpus Callossum will allow stress to show. Many times in a workshop I have been called over to help a student because nothing shows on a scan list, and the student had forgotten to tap along the Corpus Callossum. When they tapped, they then found something on the scan list.

I've done several Kinesiology workshops and all we have to do is tug the hair to check Hydration. Why do you need to tap across the Corpus Callossum and say "Hydration"?

Tugging the hair is a very basic test for dehydration. Kinergetics research has shown that tugging the hair is only accurate if the client is between 200ml (1/3 pint) and 600 ml (1 pint) dehydrated. If the client is more dehydrated then the electrical messages scramble and accurate testing is not possible - in other words the body is so dehydrated it can't tell you its dehydrated! Several kinesiology systems, including Kinergetics have now developed better ways of testing for dehydration.

We also know it works because of the results. See HYDRATION Testimonials

Why does this work when everything else has failed? What makes Kinergetics different? What's the difference between Kinergetics and Kinesiology?

It doesn't always work! The main difference is the Kinergetics hydration balancing. Most practitioners find that virtually every new client requires the Kinergetics hydration balance.

This consistently corrects most of the 42 musles taught in Touch For Health. As the muscles relate to the organs and Acupuncture Meridians, the energy of the whole body is affected.

Kinergetics also has unique corrections for the muscles around the TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint). Tension in these muscles affect the whole body structurally, nutritionally, energetically and emotionally.

Kinergetics also has corrections that locate and correct sabotages by finding the original stress that CAUSED the sabotage.

Kinergetics also works on the spiritual/metaphysical. Many students have improved their eyesight by correcting the spiritual reason for the imbalance.

What is the difference between Applied Physiology and Kinergetics? Written by an instructor of both sytems.

In my opinion Applied Physiology and Kinergetics are both unique Kinesiology courses.

Each course is a complete and effective healing modality covering most needs of today's clients. Both will achieve amazing results applied individually or integrated together.

Applied Physiology, while based on the all-encompassing love principle, allows the practitioner to delve to the deepest core in the body of our clients by addressing the organ connection through the Chinese meridian system. In Traditional Chinese Medicine it is well known that the deepest issues are held in the tissues in our organs within our bodies.

There are many correction techniques to enable the body to access balancing at a physical level as well a metaphysical level, body/mind connection eg; foot and hand reflexology, Acu-touch, tuning forks, essences, acupressure just to name a few. Applied Physiology appeals to many people who are drawn to the anatomy and physiology of the human and are inquisitive to how our body operates. Most physical ailments can be addressed with Applied Physiology.

Kinergetics while able to address the above topics in a fast and simple manner also addresses many areas in which people are enquiring into in today's modern society. Some of these topics include experiencing awareness of spiritual education and subconscious programming through formatting Light Bodies and Chakras.

Kinergetics uses healing energy to correct with higher vibrational access to facilitate balancing the body/mind connection. Kinergetics is an exciting new Kinesiology modality perfectly servicing the modern Practitioners and Healers of today. In my opinion Kinergetics is the most up to date and modern Kinesiology course available worldwide. It addresses the rapid evolvement of human awareness and health needs of our clients today.

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